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I called it “Fisherman’s Wharf” and it was a mess of glue, popsicle sticks, fish-net, card-board, and more than likely some cat hair and dirt.  In my humble 10 year old opinion it was a classic work of crafting genius, and I was certain that anyone who saw it would buy it immediately.  Apparently the neighbors didn’t recognize my obvious potential as a brilliant crafter and artist, as it never sold that hot summer day as I sat at my makeshift, curbside craft fair.


Thank the Lord my passion for creating was not squelched that day.  Nowadays this passion manifests itself in many ways, but mainly in sewing and upholstery.  I enjoy designing bags, sewing just about anything for the home, and painting and upholstering new life into old furniture.  I have a great fondness for fabric, although some may call it an obsession...and I’m ok with that.  From design, through fabrication, to the finished product, I truly enjoy the entire creative process.  

With more than twenty years of sewing experience, much of it trial and error, I feel confident we can work together to create just what you are wanting. I offer fabrics from, and, or we can take a look at whatever fabric you may have in mind. Regardless, I will work hard in order that you are pleased with the end result.

I really appreciate you joining me on this journey and may your day be blessed.

I live and work out of my home studio
in Western Pennsylvania with my wonderful husband, two creative sons, two little dogs, and one beastly cat.

-Kathleen Finkbeiner 

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